use cases

  • The services
You can use MapsInside for different use cases that we have splitet into 2 categories. First of all we have our basic service the “Wifi positioning” – MapsInside for the localization.On that we can build up many different services that we have listet in the “standard services” (Local Based Services) and “higher services” (plugins)
  • standard services (Local Based Services)
–          navigation
the ability to navigate you through indoor environment– route guidanceGet the fastest route to your destination with a fast and efficiently route calculation.
–          motion profiles
record the motion profiles of your employee, customers or visitors
–          tracking
a direct and live tracking function by visualization of a map
–          buddy finder
create working groups and find the group or the groupe buddy by one-click
–          point of interest
define your POI’s and display it on a map
–          statistics
live statistic registering by the motion profiles data

  • higher services (plugins)
–          shopping guide
an individual made map helps you to discover the surrounding of a shopping and entertainment mall. Get information (price, description and reviews) about the product you searching for and use your individuell guide to reach your product place or destination.
–          hazard detection zone
get the actual warnings as a alert message on your screen by entering the danger zone and get a alternative route to your destination without any risks.
–          coupons
feel free to search for new and attractive coupons and get these in your selected mall. A reason to use MapsInside to get discount on your shopping list.
–          taxis
find the nearest taxi place and let them discover your place of stay. Enter the option to call the taxi to your place and by the way send destination.
–          shopping planer
input your needs and wants and the shopping planner creates a route based on your shopping list. Finally you will done with your shopping list in a couple of time.
–          patient tracker
get the information about the health status of your patient and the place where it stays. Your System will inform you by any trouble and guide you through the fastest way to your patient.
–          employee tracker
a service technician gets the current state protocols of the surrounding machines together with any warnings direct on his mobile device. He can directly order new separate parts for the machine and fix the problem faster and save time.
–          discount sale finder
you search for discount in a shopping mall? Our application send you the discounts on your mobile device depended on your needs and wants.
–          museum guide
use the new technology to guide yourself in a museum or art gallery. Your personal guide will help you to enjoy your museum visit matched to your individual needs. Your visit will be more relaxed without annoying paper made maps.
–          theme park guide
heidepark? Disneyland Paris? Europapark Rust? et cetera- Your personal family theme park guide will direct you through any theme park. Time for a snack?- Just one entry in your mobile phone will help you to find your favourite snack place.Choose your profile (action, wild western, pirat, roller coaster) before you enter a theme park.