The mobile version of MapsInside will be available for all Android smartphones and tablets. This is the mobile portable application of MapsInside and easy to
install of any of your Android devices. This mobile application uses the technology of the MapsInside system and are (1:1) compatible with the desktop application. You can also include plugins into the application fitted to your requests like (commercials, statistics, social network link and many more). Just define your request for the plugin and we will create it.
The recorder function can be used to record your environment and save the reference data (recording list and self created maps) on a server,
so that every MapsInside application can access it. The frontend of the application is cleary laid out and thats why it’s easy to use. You can manage your maps and recordings with the clearly
structured managing frontend and edit or delete access points or complete change or add new maps. With the mobility of the MapsInside app on your smartphone, you got so many opportunities to use it for your advantages. The application is easy to use/install on every Android device.

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